BTC Direct is the first Dutch company to pay employees bitcoin salary

Dutch media can’t stop talking about BTC Direct. We are the first Dutch company to pay their employees partly in bitcoin.

Starting this June, BTC Direct employees will receive part of their salary in bitcoin. This is unique in the Netherlands; no other organization pays all of their permanent employees in cryptocurrencies yet.

Why does BTC Direct pay in bitcoin?

As of this moment, more than half a million Dutch own bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. That number underlines the potential for everyday use of cryptocurrencies. Taking that into account, BTC Direct chose to offer their employees this special opportunity.

Noud, finance: “We believe that cryptocurrencies will completely change our perspective about money. Bitcoin becomes more accessible as a payment method if you don’t need to exchange euros for cryptos first. In addition, bitcoin has proven to be a good investment.”

How does payout in bitcoin work?

The employee chooses how much of his salary he wants to receive in bitcoin. At the end of the month BTC Direct buys the coins at the current rate and sends them to they employee’s digital wallet.

What does the Dutch law say?

According to Dutch law organizations need to pay at least the minimum wage in euros. Anything that exceeds the minimum wage is allowed to be paid in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

What do the employees think?

The idea to receive salary in bitcoin came from a group of employees. They asked management, and after some research the option was implemented.
All employees were free to choose if they wanted to receive part of their salary in bitcoin and they could choose the desired amount as well. In the end, all 33 employees have decided to receive part of their salary in bitcoin. Why?

Anne, customer support: “I believe and trust that bitcoin can be more than just an investment opportunity. At one point, crypto will become an accepted payment method. That is why I want to get paid partly in bitcoin”.

Future plans

BTC Direct is also investigating the possibility of a bitcoin retirement plan.

Jerrymie Marcus komt uit de journalistiek en gelooft dat crypto de wereld kan verbeteren. Dat ondervond hij jaren geleden toen hij binnen een minuut waarde verzond naar zijn Indonesische familie. Bekend van o.a. Emerce, VPRO en EUclaim.

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